Saturday, August 22, 2009

As American As...

I've been wanting to try my hand at baking a pie from scratch ever since the fruit stands that live in parking lots all over Olympia started advertising marrionberries. Unfortunately, every time I pass one they are sold out and shut down for the day. I decided to let the boy pick the pie, since he will be eating most of it anyway. He decided on good ol' American apple. Out came my newly inherited Betty Crocker cookbook (the copy date says 1987, the outfits say 1960's) and my trusty housewife apron (seriously, an apron is needed when I'm in the kitchen) and I whipped up this beauty:

I was this close doing a cheesy apple pie, Boppa's favorite. Luckily for the boy, we didn't have any processed American cheese, as called for by Betty. I decided on whole wheat crust in an effort to be health conscious in my dessert making. I also accidentally on purpose left the dots of butter off the top of the apple filling before covering it with the top crust (health conscious you know). The boy and his band buddy took a break for a taste test and were well pleased with the results. All in all, a very successful pie. Now if only I had remembered to buy some vanilla ice cream...


  1. Your pie looks delicious, and so healthy, too. Did the boy and his band friend wash it down with large glasses of milk poured by the boy? How about the bug?

  2. The bug actually hasn't had any! She didn't finish her dinner last night or her lunch today, so no dessert for her. And no, the boy didn't pour milk, but I told them that if they wanted it they had to get it themselves.



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